BCK Law, P.C. is a firm concentrating in transactional, regulatory and corporate law. While the Firm practices in many different fields, we place a special emphasis on energy, environmental/land use and commercial law and arbitration/mediation services. Our clients include businesses of every size (including entrepreneurial start-ups); cities, towns, counties, regional compacts and state governments; environmental and other non-profit organizations and individuals. Firm attorneys are admitted to practice before all Massachusetts state and federal courts, as well as state and federal courts in Idaho, Vermont, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Fifth and Sixth Circuit. Our alternative dispute resolution services are worldwide.

We pride ourselves on our personal service and responsiveness to our clients’ needs, our ability to cost-effectively attain our clients’ objectives, and our background in a wide range of legal issues despite our relatively small size. We bring a nimble and thoughtful approach that combines sound lawyering, deep knowledge of the legislative process and decades of administrative and judicial litigation experience. The Firm’s attorneys and staff make extensive use of advanced technologies and have a virtual private network linking the Firm’s principal office in Greater Boston to satellite offices in Woodstock, Vermont and Ketchum, Idaho as well as to home offices maintained by Firm principals; we also use Internet links to enhance our representation of clients. The Firm has designed computer and other telecommunications capabilities for clients with similar systems to maximize the sharing of information and timely responses to legal issues.