Washington Electric Co-op

The Problem

WEC provides access to electric power and energy-related products and services for area residents and its communities, through a consumer-owned and locally-controlled cooperative business. It was one of two utilities in Vermont that was able to completely divest of energy coming from the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant. WEC had a mission to now invest in renewable energy as a key part of its portfolio, but needed help.

BCK’s Response

BCK assisted WEC in structuring a landfill gas to energy project with a private owner of the largest landfill in Vermont. WEC sought to do so without exposing its core business and consumers to any environmental liability for landfill operations.

The Outcome

BCK helped create a special affiliate, Coventry Clean Energy, to act as the developer of the landfill gas-fired generating plant. WEC buys electricity from the project that has played a vital role in stabilizing rates. BCK also helped WEC gain control of the renewable energy certificates created by the project; these “RECs” have been sold into other New England markets for the benefit of WEC ratepayers.

Washington Electric Co-Op
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