Sustainable Development and Agriculture

BCK assists its clients interested in promoting sustainable development and technologies by employing legal strategies to achieve sustainable use of natural resources, prevent waste and encourage recycling, site housing appropriately, maximize conservation of natural resources and build energy efficient housing and other development which incorporates, whenever possible, use of non-carbon emitting energy resources. We help clients identify goals — be it promoting local agriculture, cutting energy use, promoting corporate social responsibility, or reuse of materials, buildings, developed land or other such goals — and devise legal strategies which are effective and economic.

BCK’s practice is uniquely suited to provide the cross-disciplinary approach necessary to promote sustainable development. Our energy, environmental and land use practices, coupled with our special interest and experience in brownfields development, make us ideally suited to participate in, and advise on, sustainable development strategies. Drawing from our diverse backgrounds and prior experience, we can help clients better understand and respond to these issues, and integrate them into their business approach.

Whether it is land use planning, new building construction, or using tax and public financial assistance tools, seeking expedited regulatory permitting or other government actions, we can facilitate sustainable development with respect to small or large projects or redevelopments.

We represent farms and other agricultural enterprises, whether in seeking new markets for their products or understanding how statutes and regulations enacted decades ago (or more) affect twenty-first century activities.