Municipal and Government

For virtually all of its three plus decades in practice, BCK has represented cities and towns across Massachusetts as well as in other states.  We serve many towns, cities and other governmental entities as special counsel on environmental and land use, energy and other matters. We also represent private clients who interact with municipal and other governmental entities on a broad range of issues.

We represent governmental and private/nonprofit clients interacting with governmental entities on, among other issues:

  • Legal aspects of managing basic city functions and developing, owning, and operating infrastructure, including electric generation and other utility issues
  • Land use, zoning, planning, and development
  • Condemnation
  • Brownfields
  • Economic development and downtown/village center revitalization, including project and transportation infrastructure development
  • Property tax issues
  • Bylaw and ordinance drafting
  • Drafting and negotiation of inter-municipal and regional agreements for sharing of services
  • Compliance with open meetings and public records laws;
  • Elections
  • Ethics