Blockchain & Digital Currency

BCK’s Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency Practice helps our clients successfully pioneer and employ the vast and diverse uses of technology for virtual/digital currencies and blockchain solutions. The multi-disciplinary practice that characterizes so much of our work means we are well-suited to help our clients navigate the challenge of adapting this new framework of blockchain based protocols in the face of uncertain regulatory and statutory directives at the federal and state level.  We are excited about blockchain’s transformative potential in some of our core, long-time, practice areas – renewable energy and energy efficiency, contracts and commerce and sustainable communities, among others  – and are able to advise on the regulatory, contracts, tax, securities and other legal issues which arise on a frequent basis.

Because our backgrounds and prior representations give us the insight of practical business and/or nonprofit/governmental perspectives (as the case may be) in all our work, we are especially sensitive to the need to deploy blockchain and digital technology in a cost-effective and nimble way. That means being able to figure out, ahead of the curve, where there may be intersections with regulatory or other requirements and to plan compliance in an efficient manner.

Led by Firm President Jeff Bernstein, BCK has counselled clients investing in digital currencies and in funds as well as in a variety of blockchain solutions ranging from sustainable energy platforms to secure contracts and financial transactions. We understand and can think creatively about the legal issues which emerge daily. Blockchain technology is now being used to build tools and infrastructure that help lawyers draft contracts, record commercial transactions, and verify legal documents.  We are also interested in the use of smart contracts that can be executed on the blockchain and using permissioned blockchain to increase the integrity of financial and other transactions.

Among other things, our practice helps clients with:

  • Money Transmitting Licensing;
  • Money Services Business Compliance;
  • Decentralized Ledger Technology;
  • Business Operations and Corporate Formation;
  • Privacy and Data Security;
  • Unfair Competition and Consumer Protection and
  • Tracking legislative and regulatory developments.