Firm Client Advances Strategic Electrification Offering

December 7, 2020

The Cape Light Compact JPE (“Compact”), a Firm client and one of the Massachusetts Program Administrators of energy efficiency in the Mass Save collaborative, recently received approval from the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council to advance the Cape & Vineyard Electrification Offering (“CVEO”). CVEO contains three core elements: (1) heat pumps, (2) solar PV and (3) battery storage, designed as a strategic electrification and energy optimization package targeted solely at low- and moderate-income customers on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard to address affordability and accessibility gaps such customers face in these specific technology markets. The offering is aligned with recent amendments to the Green Communities Act that expanded the permissible scope of energy efficiency plans to include strategic electrification, energy storage, and other active demand management technologies and programs that result in customers switching to renewable energy sources or other clean energy technologies. CVEO also supports the Commonwealth’s long-term greenhouse gas reduction goals. The offering is currently before the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities for review and approval. For more information on the Compact and strategic electrification, visit