Workplace Sexual Harassment

An increased focus on sexual harassment in the workplace is taking place in our society, and we are here to help.  We represent both employers and employees and offer alternative dispute resolution services for workplace sexual harassment disputes.

For Employers  -  We counsel you to properly investigate and respond to allegations of sexual harassment you may receive.  We discuss matters with managers and/or human resources officers, conduct confidential interviews with the individuals involved, and recommend corrective steps. We also offer trainings for managers and review personnel policies and manuals for up-to-date legal accuracy.  We have represented employers in sexual harassment claims at administrative agencies and in court.

For Employees  -  We evaluate your case and see you through the complaint process, negotiations and litigation.  We work with you to develop your case and obtain witnesses and evidence as you go forward. We have represented employees in such cases at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and in court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution  -  We also offer mediation and arbitration services for workplace sexual harassment disputes.  As a long standing neutral, Attorney Stacey Cushner is an experienced mediator and arbitrator of sexual harassment claims.  She regularly serves on the American Arbitration Association’s employment panel and has lectured and published articles on various alternative dispute resolution subjects. Please contact her at for more information.